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The Quilters' Guild is an official Artsmark partner through IVE.

IVE are the Arts Council Bridge Organisation for Yorkshire and Humber.

Awarded by Arts Council England, Artsmark helps schools to deliver a high-quality arts and cultural education.

They believe that every child should have an opportunity to create, experience and participate in extraordinary work. At the heart of Artsmark, seven quality principles give structure and substance to a curriculum which can unlock the potential of children and young people and help them to develop their skills and talents.

The process will enrich, develop and strengthen school’s arts and culture provision by connecting them with arts and cultural organisations.

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We are willing to tailor make sessions for your school, but here are some examples of projects which may inspire your thinking...

Lock-down project – after a disconnected and isolating time, regain a sense of belonging and key values in your school by building a group coverlet/hanging. Each student can capture this moment in history by reflecting and recording it through a quilt block, which are then sewn together. This can be extended to involve parents and the wider community. An example includes our ‘Staying at home’ block

Reuse, reduce, recycle, rethink – explore environmentally friendly textiles through The Quilters’ Guild Collection, textiles artists and natural dyeing of fabrics

War time sewing – explore the rationing of fabric and ‘make do and mend’ attitude toward clothing, as well as patchwork quilts donated from American and Canadian charities during WWII, for our armed forces and hospitals. Create end of war celebratory bunting or a soldiers ‘huswife’ sewing case.

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