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YQ12 YQ Code of Conduct

YQ12 YQ Code of Conduct

At YQ workshops we invite you to:

  • make friends with other members to the group.
  • enjoy yourself, join in and have a go.
  • take care when using equipment and let the workshop leader know if something is broken, so we can keep you safe.
  • take care when moving about the room and be careful of equipment, including hot irons that may be in use.
  • respect the venue your workshop is being held in and other people who may be using the building.
  • Please don’t gossip or talk negatively about other members of the group.
  • Remember that all of the adults involved with workshop are volunteers – please appreciate the time they are giving to deliver this event for you!
  • We will not tolerate bad language, aggressive behaviour or bullying.
  • If you behave badly, we may contact your parent / carer and ask them to remove you from the workshop. If this happens you may not be able to attend future workshops.

The most important thing is to have a good time and enjoy learning something new!

Print this form and take to workshops - YQs and their parent/guardian need to read and sign the form.

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