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Festival of Quilts 2018 Winners!

Festival of Quilts 2018 Winners!

Well done to everyone that took part in this years competition 'Stitch(ing) through time'. You all did a fantastic job and we were highly impressed by your skills and creativity.

Here are the winners of the Young Quilter/Young Embroiderer challenge:


1st - Basile Tharel (Young Quilter member)

2nd - Fiona Pilcher (Young Quilter member)

3rd - Beatrice Varley


1st - Aoife Behan (Young Quilter member)

2nd - Leif Sinclair

3rd - Ciaran Beban (Young Quilter member)


1st - Miranda Hart

2nd - Francesca Arlett

3rd - Catherine Crees (Young Quilter member)

Schools /Groups - Primary

1st - Creative Sewing (YQ Group member)

2nd - Atelier de Couture Magigue

3rd - Belmont Grosvenor School (YQ School member)

Schools /Groups - Secondary

1st - Mother of Fair Love Special School

2nd - Burgess Hill Girls (YQ School member)

3rd - Shenley Brook End School (YQ School member)

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