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Embellishing Greeting Cards by Vlieseline

Embellishing Greeting Cards by Vlieseline

Have a go at creating a heart embellished greeting card using Solufleece!

Watch the video and follow the instructions below.


  1. Lay out a layer of outer fabric with the wrong side up and put 2 layers of Bondaweb (without backing paper) on top of the fabric. Then cover this with a layer of Solufleece
  2. Sew all the layers together in parallel by machine.
  3. Move a steam iron above the work (hold the iron approx. 1 cm above the work, do not put the iron onto the work) Use only with adult supervision
  4. Leave the work for an hour and then wash it out.
  5. When dry, iron G 785 onto the back. Cut out a heart and put it onto your greeting card.

Products used for this creation: Solufleece and Bondaweb

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